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Welcome at Terra-Natur

Terra-Natur Is wholesaler and producer of aquariam decorations, accessories and natural products. We take great care in the production and selection of the products we provide to ensure the best possible quality. All of our products are „Made in Germany“.

We specialize in large shipments as well as tailor-made requests such as having your logo imprinted on them.

Feel free to contact us anytime! Are you interested? Contact us: Bernhard.Goegl@Terra-Natur.eu (German)

Alfred.Tonner@Terra-Natur.eu (English, German, Czech)

All our products and full descriptions are available on our e-shop and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We guarantee:

- Fast delivery, everything is from the one stock
- Reliability
- Consistent Quality
- Competitive Prices


Terra-Natur, we will increase your sales and profits, when the price and quality is important.


Terra-Natur, in harmony with nature

Born in Bavaria, Bernhardt Göegl has more then 40 years of experience in the field of aquarium technologies. He became a passionate breeder of aquarium fishes.

He met Alfred Tonner who is a big fan of this hobby and keeps a big fish breed unit in Prague. Bernhardt Göegl used his long experience in sales and together with Alfred Tonner they started with the distribution of fodder in the Czech republic and many European countries. That was the start of the Terra-Natur company. 


They have designed high quality breed caves, in the beginnings made from shale then made from ceramics. The products are made in Germany from certified and approved materials.


The huge range of aquarium products has been developed with a guaratee of a high quality and good price. In case of any questions or in need of an expert advice please contact Terra-Natur. Tel.:+420 725 610 640 or e-mail: Alfred.Tonner@Terra-Natur.eu